Company Profile

ARKTOS S.A. was founded in 1997 with its headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece. ARKTOS has been in actively involved with

  • imports and exports of raw materials
  • maintenance, management and construction of industrial machinery
  • the construction of industrial buildings and infrastructure, based on our client’s requirements.

ARKTOS is the sister company of ORIONAS S.A. ORIONAS is a company active in the trading of raw materials and mattress manufacturing. ARKTOS and ORIONAS have in its posession a large number of machinery, designed by and build specifically for the needs of the company. The machinery include:

  • Ten multi-needle quilting machines with ten automated electronic cutting machines
  • A polyester ball production line
  • Three automatic electronic fabric cutting machines
  • One fabric welding production line
  • Seven automatic electronic foam cutting machines

ORIONAS, is housed in the buildings constructed by ARKTOS based on the most advanced German and European standards. The buildings are capable of withstanding all weather conditions and natural disasters statistically possible in the region.  The buildings are seismeic resistant, flood resistant and extreme high speed wind resistant. ARKTOS a still active company is now focused in the construction of large projects and machinery. ARKTOS and its sister company Orionas, are few of the healthiest companies currently in Greece. ARKTOS and ORIONAS have had steady growth rates since their founding date. The goals of both companies is always growth, achieving our goals and expanding our business and infrastructure.